The New Eden Archive is an attempt to record the battles, wars, and events that make Eve Online a memorable game.  Inspired by the bloggers, reporters, and historians of the Eve community, this site is a humble attempt to make it easier for new and old players to learn and add to the rich history of our game.

The Archive is intended to act as a neutral place to record information about the people, events, and stories of Eve Online. The primary goal is to document factual information about the conflicts and events and provide links or copies of relevant source documents related to those events. Because Eve is a political game, some shading of events is likely to happen, but we will try our best to archive the history of Eve.

We are looking for writers on the following topics:

Wars: The defining conflicts of Eve Online
Battles: Single engagements of particular importance
Events: Important events that may or may not have had explosions in space
Coalitions: The blocs that have shaped player sovereignty
Alliances: The largest groups, at least in-game
People: Figures of importance in Eve
Concepts: Fundamental ideas that shape how we understand Eve Online

This is a community effort, so let us know if you want to get involved!